The Megadungeon is a twice-monthly podcast about megadungeon adventures for fantasy and sci-fi roleplaying games. I talk about the history, evolution, and design of various megadungeons, as well as interview authors, artists, and other who helped with the production of a published megadungeon.

The Minidungeon is a weekly unscripted podcast in which I talk about gaming in general. Topics vary, but the trials and tribulations of writing my own adventures is certainly one of them.

I got my start in podcasting way back in 2008 when I hosted the Flagons & Dragons podcast, which was nominated for an ENnie award in 2009. These were the early days of podcasting and we had no strict format. Some weeks it was actual play, others it was commentary and advice, and towards the end of its 2-year run the rest of the hosts lost interest and I switch entirely to interviews. 

Since then I’ve written and published adventures and supplementary rules for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG under the Stormlord Publishing banner, such as the Black Powder, Black Magic series, Prayers of the Forgotten, and the hexcrawl island adventure The Treasure Vaults of Zaddabad

Now I’m working on The Ruins of Wytchburgh: 1666 which will be compatible with old-school games.