The Megadungeon – Episode 2 – The Caverns of Thracia

December 1, 2018

In this episode I’ll discuss one of the first published megadungeons, The Caverns of Thracia, and run it through my Megadungeon Purity Test. I also respond to some call-ins.

Show Notes

Judd’s gaming podcast Dreaming About Dragons

Colin Green’s gaming podcast Spikepit

PDF of the original release of The Caverns of Thracia on DriveThruRPG (The cost to fun ratio is in your favor!)


Advice: Print only what you need at the table and highlight the most important items.

Caverns of Thracia – Megadungeon Purity Test

Category #1: How big is it?

  Score: 2 points

Category #2: Is it set in a confined space?

  Score: 5 points

Category #3: Is it a Mythic Underworld?

  Score: 3 points.

Category #4: Does it get more dangerous the further down you explore?

  Score: 2 points.

Category #5: Are there multiple options for exploration?

  Score: 4 points.

Category #6: Is the danger omnipresent?

  Score: 4 points awarded.

Category #7: Could this be the focus of a campaign?

  Score: 1 point

Category #8: Is this an active or static dungeon?

  Score: 2 points

Total score: 23 points.

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